Olympic Rifle Events

Olympic Rifle Events

Are you confused about the principles of rifle shooting? You’ll discover this introduction to the game useful.

Olympic gun events can be confusing for first time viewers although exciting. In rifle events, competitors shoot at a target consisting with the innermost being the ‘bull’s eye’. The shot targets are put either 50m or 10m off and shooters fire in the standing.

The gear for gun incidents includes:


Small bore (single loaded) 5.6mm calibre with an overall weight of 8kg (17.6lbs) for men and 6.5kg (16.3pounds ) for women.
The goal is 15.4cm (6.2in) for 50m competitions.
Air rifles

4.5millimeter calibre with a maximum weight of 5.5kg (12.1lbs).
The goal is 4.5cm (1.8in) for 10m competitions. The pinhead centre is just 0.5mm.
The five areas in rifle events are:

50m Rifle three positions guys
50m Rifle prone men
Air rifle men
50m Rifle three positions girls
Air rifle women
50m Rifle three positions guys
The shooter fires 40 shots each in the prone (lying down), standing and kneeling positions in a goal set 50m away.

The program that is Betufa top eight shooters from this launching qualify. Each shot is assessed in decimal tenths (10.9 being the maximum) and added to the score of the opening program.

50m Rifle prone men
60 shots are fired in the prone position at a goal.

In the prone position, ten shots are fired At the final. The score is added to determine the winner.

50m Rifle three positions girls
20 shots are fired in the standing, prone and kneeling positions at a distance of 50m.

At the final, eight shooters fire ten shots the scores, in the standing position. The score is then added to ascertain the outcome.

Air rifle Women and Men
Compressed air propels the pellet from a space of 10m.

The guys complete the girls and 60 shots complete 40.

In the closing, ten shots are shot by the eight finalists. The points are subdivided into tenths. A shot that hits directly in the middle of the ten counts as a 10.9, whereas a shot just barely is touching the center counts as 10.0 The results in the standard program and the closing are then added together to determine the winner.